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Japanese Soul Flower Earthquake Fund

since 1995



We are all originally from the Hanshin area, which is why we are always trying to help the survivors of the earthquake to rebuild their homes through our live performances.

We have come to realise through our involvement in this project how ineffective our government has been and how badly the elderly and the foreign residents have been treated. This is a problem that we mustn't close our eyes to anymore, which is something we regard as a very Japanese response.

We still don't know how much we can do or how far we can go but we certainly promise that if you are completely behind our philosophy we will carry on.

1) The money raised will be spent firstly on the handicapped and elderly as these people need special care.

2) The money raised will be handed directly to the volunteers from us so that we can check the conditions for ourselves, and see the areas of greatest need.

3) The allocation of the money raised will be detailed in our newsletter "KONGE JIHO(Soul Flower Times)" and our web site "ONLINE KONGE JIHO(this site)" or you can send off for a copy of the expenses and allocations.

Please SOUL FLOWER EARTHQUAKE FUND's bank details to :

SoulFlower Earthquake fund
Kyoto Bank Yamazaki Branch(#523)
Ordinary account 786282
Soul Flower
account name:Soul Flower Union ITAMI Hideko

ie. how much must they pay (eg post & packing)

ITAMI Hideko

I think the earthquake was some kind of punishment for our behaviour as humans, the rape and destruction of nature which our government calls 'development'. I understand how useless our government is and how important the contribution of the individual volunteer is. It is these volunteers who show us all what real human behaviour should be. I saw and experienced the terror of this huge earthquake at first hand, I saw my mirrors smashed on the floor and my CDs scattered everywhere. Even now I can't stand still when I think about the survivors.

"I will take every means of action possible even though I am powerless by myself" - ODA Makoto

I would love to unify the people's desire to help and turn it in to something more concrete in terms of action and cash, but whatever small thing I can achieve it will be a start.


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